Friday, June 10, 2005

A big three

Don't know why, but I'm interested in web design -- fonts, colors, placement of content.... all that. Logos too. Here's one that caught my eye. Its in a category called "blur," though to me the design shows a lot more than that technique. I like its use of shading, particularly the high-lighting. And I like how it reveals more of itself as you continue to view it (at least that's my experience). I like particularly that the red shapes seem to be representational, but I can't say what they might represent. As you can see the image is from a site dedicated to the subject.
Logo Trends 2005

by Bill Gardner’s Third Annual Visual Trends Report

The word “trend” seems to raise the little hairs on the back of some designers’ necks. Everybody wants to be a you-know-what-setter; no one wants to acknowledge the aftermath. But as we march toward’s fifth anniversary, we’ve discovered that trends have become something impossible — and maybe unwise — to ignore.

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