Friday, April 12, 2013

History of Woodside, Queens (New York)

I received an email from Kindle saying the blog has at least one Kindle follower and would I please put up a new post (or they'd drop me). It's true I've been otherwise occupied. A few months ago Deniz Hughes of Denizblog suggested I do an article on the history of Woodside, Queens, for Wikipedia. I said I'd try. On and off since then I worked up a somewhat longer draft than I originally expected. I loaded the piece a couple of weeks ago and so far: (1) no one's sniped at it, (2) one helpful soul has made a useful addition. Here's the link: History of Woodside, Queens.

Despite its length there was quite a bit that I left out of the article. I'm thinking I'll find some time to make a post or two out of the research that didn't seem to fit in the Wikipedia format.

I have previously had something to say about this image from the article (here) --