Saturday, December 17, 2005

best of ........

The blog Fimoculous by Rex Sorgatz is compiling a meta-list of those best of..... lists. It's called Lists: 2005

He says, "Please email me list suggestions. This will probably grow to about 500+ items, but here's what we have so far."


BOOKS (18 lists) from Ottakar's (12/08)

10 Best Books from New York Times Books Review (12/04)

Favorite Fiction from L.A. Times (12/04)

Favorite Nonfiction from L.A. Times (12/04)

Best Nonfiction from Christian Science Monitor (12/03)

Best Fiction from Christian Science Monitor (12/03)

Dagger Awards from Crime Writers' Association (12/02)

Favourite Books Of The Year from The Guardian (11/27)

100 Notable Books from New York Times (11/25)

Best Children's Books from Publishers Weekly (11/25)

Best Of 2005 -- Customer's Picks from (11/09)

Booker Prize from Man Booker Prize (11/05)

Books Of The Year from National Book Awards (11/05)

MUSIC (33 lists)

My 22 Favourite Songs from Said The Gramophone (12/07)

Best Of Year from New York Sun (12/07)

Best Music Of 2005 from Art Forum (12/07)

Top 20 Albums from Crazy Monk (12/04)

New York's Best Jazz from AllAboutJazz (12/03)

Best Of 2005 -- Classical Editor's Picks from (11/09)

FILM (5 lists)

The Frigid 50: The Coldest People In Hollywood from Film Threat (12/08)

Best Of 2005 from Metacritic (11/05)

ONLINE (5 lists)

Top 10 Most Confusing (Yet Widely Used) High Tech Buzzwords from Global Language Monitor (12/06)

50 Coolest Websites from Time (11/20)

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes from Jakob Nielsen (11/20)

PHOTOS (3 lists)

50 Photos Of People Smiling from LowCulture (11/18)

Best Of What's New from Popular Science (11/18)

Best Photojournalism from National Press Photographers Association (11/05)

Smilers: Ringo Starr, Wanda Sykes, Robert Johnson, Leon Trotsky, Maggie Cheung, Christine Taylor

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