Friday, April 07, 2006


Over the past few years, security has been a major concern where I work and the number of police persons has grown substantially. In my experience, big influxes of new employees, particularly ones that are underemployed (or in this case whose main job is to watch not carry out work tasks) results in problems, personality conflicts, tensions, and the like. This hasn't happened so far as I can tell. To the contrary the police seem relaxed and easy with each other and with us civilians. There's one who jokes about the sandals I wear between bike rack and office, after removing the bike shoes (which, with their pedal cleats, aren't made for hallway walking). There's one who asks me how many miles I get to the cheeseburger when I show my badge coming into the garage. This morning, too rainy for the bike, one complimented me on the Spitfire and another (at the xray machine) admired the sport coat I'm wearing today. There's one person I work with who tangles with the police over trivialities (or at least one policeman), but my experience is very different.


Rebecca said...

i like your script in your sidebar that counts the days since you experienced certain life events. where can i find code for my own sidebar? or, may i borrow yours?

Jeff said...

Hi, Rebecca,

I don't see a way to email you, so here's the info in comment:

I borrowed the script from the SunRay blog and gave credit at the foot of my blog (where few read it I suppose). Here's his blog:

I'd reproduce the script but blogger comments won't accept the tags. You can get it by using reveal codes.

By the way, I'm also a librarian.