Tuesday, April 21, 2009

interview with Joost's parents

The photo shows Joost Posthuma with his parents following a Dutch race a couple of years ago. They were recently interviewed in a Dutch cyclists' journal, Wielernews. A pdf version of the interview is on Joost's web site. Joost's father, Hans (57), is head of sales for the Dutch branch of a German concern that makes coatings for use in lining water pipes and such applications. His mother, Annike (56), is receptionist for a real estate firm. At first they were not entirely pleased to see their only son become a professional cyclist, partly because of the danger and partly because he abandoned college before graduation. They were also a bit surprised when he chose road over mountain biking since the family and friends have been involved in that sport, but he found road racing to be more varied and interesting and he proved to be very good at it. Hans and Annike say that he advanced from amateur to professional ranks in fits and starts and only showed his full potential after being named to the Rabobank pro team. They understand that the margin of success in cycle racing is frustratingly small; a very tiny difference in skill and natural ability determines who wins and who comes in just behind. They know he's strongest in time trials but also say that for his size he's a surprisingly good climber, particularly on the short steep bergs in northern Europe. Though Joost isn't one of the top stars in the sport, he has achieved more than they could have wished and they are very proud of him.

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