Tuesday, May 26, 2009

old postcards

Re-arranging some boxes in the attic I came across these old postcards. I recall purchasing them maybe a dozen years ago in a small flower shop while on vacation in Brooklin, Maine. Most were printed in Paris; others in Holland or Germany. They're undated and mostly seem to come from the first quarter of the 20th century. Click image to view full size. I've given some details though they're not much enlarged. I've also given modern images where I could find them. The last four scans show the back sides of the ones that say anything on the back.

{modern photo of La Viaine in Rennes; source: flickr}

{a modern photo of same; source: wikipedia}

{a painting of same; source: images-chapitre}

{modern photo of this street; source: picasaweb}

{modern photo of this gate, taken from the other side; source: visoterra}

{modern photo of this street; source flickr}

{modern photo showing the same church from a different angle; source: panoramio}

{another view of Rue de Tambour; source: culture.gouv.fr}

Note: for more postcards of German-bombed Reims see Reims during 1914-1918

{modern photo of the Rhein at Honnef; source: seminaris.de}

{modern photo of Wordsworth's home; source: picturesofengland.com}

{modern photo of facade along Rue Désiré le Hoc; I'm surprised that there are no modern photos of this lovely intersection; maybe it has been replaced; source: tiscali.co}

{my postcard photo was taken in front of Berlin's Cafe Schön; this is another old postcard of an auto-bus outside the café; source: antik-falkensee.de}

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