Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Senior Class Trip, May 1960

I stumbled upon this panorama photo when I found some old postcards in the attic earlier today. It shows my high school senior class on its trip to Washington DC in the month before we graduated. I can still name most of the people it shows and about 30 of them had been my classmates back in kindergarden and first grade a dozen years before.

The photo was rolled into a tight scroll and is large enough to require two scans spliced back together. I'm pretty sure kids don't get so dressed up when they tour the Capitol these days and have this photo taken after a meet-and-greet with their Congressperson.

The photo was taken on a panoramic camera making it possible for a kid to be seen both on the left and right sides of the shot. I thought one of the guys had done this, but now I don't see anyone duped on the ends.

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