Saturday, November 06, 2004

The other cross-dressed comedian

Nice article on Dame Edna in the Village Voice

It starts out:

With pride, I bear the mark of a Dame Edna Everage fan—recurring flower burn. Repeatedly, my eyes have almost been poked out by one of the wacky widow's flying gladiolus, but I was too busy laughing my guts out to be all that mortified, possums. By the time Edna has lovingly torpedoed the flora into the crowd for her finale, you've succumbed to her bracing mix of topical jokes, insult humor, saucy songs, and enforced audience participation. By melding all those titillating talents, Edna has carved out a unique niche, and not just on my face. The drag creation of Aussie actor Barry Humphries since 1956, she's fused music hall showmanship with self-help expertise, while deftly spoofing the aspirations and biases of the endearingly crass.


The dame from Oz gathers her gladiolus for her Broadway return
Flower Power
by Michael Musto
October 25th, 2004 4:55 PM

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