Monday, August 22, 2005

globalful (not G11N) - again

Here are a couple more globalful posts just in case you're not yet hooked on him:

Thursday July 14, 2005

what I'm trying to do is what I'm trying to do

so there's five minutes left and no questions so I'm gonna just fill in to the end of the hour if that's alright with you. I'm hoping that you'll get embarrassed enough to fill in the gaps and you'll start talking rubbish so that I can respond in a way which makes it sound like I really know what I'm talking about, but actually all I'm doing is having a conversation with you while 20 other people on the call are waiting for me to shut up already because they're going to the gym and they want to avoid the rush when all the fat people go an hour early so that people don't see them on the treadmill getting all sweaty especially at the moment when its 30 degrees and actually I have a condition which makes me smell like this.

great, so, thanks everyone. I guess I'll send you though the business requirements so that you can all review them and then we'll make it kind of ad hoc when we get together because I don't want another meeting and I have to go to the shops on friday and get some antibiotics so if we could engage via email that would be the solution I'm working towards if we're all sweet. Yep, I'll probably be ready with the plan right after the thing I'm doing next week which is really important as I'm going away for a long time after that to chatter with seagulls at a staithe and share one-legged experiences over video with a man from knebworth.

any questions?

Monday August 01, 2005

predictive blogs

f u cn rd ths then I've just installed lazyBlog® because I have so much to say but I can't be bothered to say it and anyway I'm waiting for the chelsea one to hoof up here so we can spark off over globalization and decide we probably won't meet in the middle but I'll try and get products out and I'll do press releases in Korea anyway before that vendor goes mad with slash press. I came across lazyBlog® while I was cross referencing the page I made with the online viking office supplies catalogue to see if there was any hidden meanings to my life that could possibly link a thousand nude californians and ink jet cartridges, but there wasn't, unless I looked at them the wrong way round.

it's apparently the first piece of blogging software from the folks responsible for the iBull, which I can see already has you shaking your leg under the desk. it works like predictive txt on cellphones, where you use you enter a 2 letter word with no meaning and you get back a 4 letter word with no meaning which is out of context when you didn't even have one and you can't erase because your head is under a bucket somewhere near the shropshire union canal. except lazyBlog® is much more gooder. it do all ur blog after you've only written one paragraph or so. it apparently uses a patented algorithm that analyses your online behaviour and tracks histories, bookmarks, previous blog entries, email, shopping lists, tampered photoshop files etc., building a unique picture of the person what you are and what you're likely to be thinking at 12 oclock on monday morning after you've just driven from Norwich to Camberley and decided to go home again after you picked up a ream of paper and a couple of bics. so by the time I've got to about this point, everything you see from now on is probably machine generated. It might already be. In fact the fantastic futureheads album has 4 stars and can be found here. The super BBC news site has a interesting feature on baboons in Guatemala that features in Michael Palin's new book 'Baboons in Guatemela' which is a vailable in all good bookshops. I saw a great special offer on ink cartidges today - 2 for 1 at PC World Business Direct. Hurry while stocks last. anyway, I see that there's a lot of conversation about Open Source Software on some people's blogs on some sites somewhere probably. I have something to say about that even though I don't normally link to any software sites or buy it or talk about it, but I did once follow a link of th 19th June what did go to an OpenSolaris page for blogging thing someprobably. Have you seen my cat? I was reconstructing my garden after cycling through Surrey and Doctor Who who came on the TV and I like good wine and here is a picture of me at some event of other taken on my treo. I want to die. Why oh why doesn't she like me? That President Bush...

hmm. it's still beta. perhaps you can actually pay for it to remove the adverts. unless I actually just wrote all that. on my excellent Talin. Oi! stop it!

By the way G11N = globalization

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