Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What book should I read next?

The internet provides a wonderful range of services for book readers. Here's a new one:

What Book Should I Read Next

From the FAQ

WSIRN produces recommendations based purely on collective taste: when books are entered into the same favourites list, they become associated with each other. The more often particular books appear on different lists, the stronger that association becomes. Purely and simply, WSIRN represents mass opinion about books. Over time the recommendations should get better and better as the database grows.

If you simply want a quick recommendation, you only need to enter one book; confirm that we've got the right one on the next page, and then you can click the WSIRN button to get some recommendations. The best thing to do, though, is enter a list of favourites. This will give you more focused recommendations, as well as helping to build the database and share your taste with other users of the site. If you enter your email address, your list of favourites will be remembered next time you visit, so you can then add new titles and get even more appropriate recommendations. You can also add your own comments about each book which other users can see.

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