Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Klee? Google Kandinsky?

I'm working on a few meaty posts, but haven't had much time to finish any of them. One will be on a little mystery from the Diary of Lady Shelburne. She mentions being given a young boy and having him Christened by Richard Price. I've more information on his name Thomas Coulinan Phoenix, on the man who "gave" him to Sophie, Richard Wells, and on the ship in which he was transported.

In the meantime, here's a cross-posting from my intranet web site at work:

Dennis Hwang creates most of the unusual Google logos you see. Here's the one that's on the site at the moment.

Wikipedia has more information on Google's special logos.

Paul Klee? Or maybe Kandinsky.

Update: It's Joan Miro, born April 20, 1893, duh! Click the logo on the main Google search page to see. {I didn't but Kristine did: Thanks, Kristine!}



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Kristine said...

I clicked that logo this morning, and it led me to a Google search on the Spanish surrealist painter Joan Miró, so I guess that he is the inspiration behind the design.

But I have to say that your Kandinsky comes very close to the style of the logo!