Wednesday, July 05, 2006

update on two reticent athletes

Zizane was today's hero in the World Cup match between France and Portugal. He scored the only goal on a penalty. Thierry Henry won the penalty, but Zizou was the one who put it into the net. The BBC says he won a battle of wills with Portugal's keeper when he put the ball out of reach even though the keep correctly guessed which way he would kick. {Photo from BBC Sport}

Meanwhile, in the TdF, Joost came in 53rd today and is now 133rd in the general classification, out of 172 remaining riders. He's 18th out of 23 in the young riders competition. Maybe he can move up in Friday's time trial. {Photo from Joost's web site}

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GobberGo said...

Zidane may have gotten the goal, but a penalty kick does not a hero make. I was really frustrated by Portugal v. France. Everyone seemed tired in the first half. And on top of that Portugal just didn't play well. Their strategy seemed to be all fancy flicks with no substance to back them up. They couldn't make any real headway into the French defense, even though the openings were there. I just didn't see them wanting it enough. France deserved to win, but I wish they hadn't won on a PK.

This game aside, Zidane is one of the best players I've ever seen. He's a true captain out there, fielding the players and creating the plays. Every pass goes where he wants and he'll be damned before the ball is taken from his control. I love his lack of flash too. I prefer a modest hero to a hot-head like Ronaldo or Rooney.