Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friesian horse rescue

I've written before (twice actually) about the magnificent Friesian breed of horse. Recently, a friend sent me a link for a video showing a horse rescue in the Friesian province of The Netherlands. BBC News provided good coverage of the event, with photos, including this one:

{click to enlarge}
(Note that BBC gives AP credit for the shot.)

The video is short and, though lo-res, is worth the few moments of your time that it takes to view:

The rescue occurred near Marrum, a municipality located in northwest Friesland, as it turns out very close to Hallum, where my great-, great-grandfather, Hette Pieters Hettema, farmed in the first half of the ninetheeth-century. Hallum was then known as a center of religious conflict, one in which my forebears took a leading role opposing Napoleonic efforts to achieve doctrinal uniformity.

Click this link to view a Google-earth depiction of Mallum with Hallum just below.

The map reproduced below shows Marrum to the north of Hallum (Hallum is boxed in blue - click to enlarge). The other blue boxes show other municipalities associated with my Friesian forebears. Contact me if you'd like access to a web page of mine on these anscestors.
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This last photo, again from BBC/AP, shows the stranded horses.

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