Sunday, March 25, 2007

finding Time

The Library of Congress recently convened a group of information professionals at Google Headquarters for serious talk about the short comings of library catalogs and what can be done to fix them. The topic is being endlessly debated these days. See for example this recent article. What's been missing 'til now is a demonstration of what it is that needs to be fixed.

Ellysa Cahoy, a librarian at Penn State, has now taken a big step toward filling that need. Here's a video she produced showing what patrons must endure in order to track down an issue of a popular magazine -- at least in one library system.

in the complex tasks that library users must perform to locate some things – such as an article in Time Magazine.

I saw this on Lorcan Dempsey's blog. He's one of the info profs who met at GH; he says: "A funny video about a library website? Yes, it is possible …"

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