Sunday, July 29, 2007

Joost's a winner

Joost has won the Sachsen Tour. Here's the announcement from his team sponsor:

Wielernieuws ProTeam

29/07: (Sachsen) Posthuma seizes final victory

Joost Posthuma

Rabo-cyclist Joost Posthuma (picture) has won the Sachsen Tour. In the last stage of the stage course, the final victory was never in danger. "It is nice for him that he is this good again this quickly," said team manager Frans Maassen shortly after the national anthem had been played. William Walker also found himself on the podium to receive the purple mountain jersey. That jersey was also never seriously attacked in the final stage from Dresden to Dresden (157 kilometers).

The weather in Eastern Germany had been nice earlier this week, but it rained cats and dogs on the last day. It was so dangerous that the jury wisely decided to draw up the final classification before the three local rounds. After that, the cyclists could only compete for the stage victory. That went once again to T-Mobile-cyclist Stephan Schreck. "They might have won four against our one, but ours was most the important one," concluded the team manager correctly.

No crashes Rabos

Schreck was part of a lead group of seven cyclists that stayed ahead in the difficult stage. That escape took place in the first eighty kilometers already, which were also this stage's center of gravity. "The team cycled so strongly that it was no more than logical that no dangerous cyclists got away," said Maassen, who saw many crashes, including one by Bobby Julich but fortunately none including guys of his own. "All in all, it went super here."

The team manager also wanted to set yesterday's classification straight. Sébastian Langeveld was listed last in Saturday's classification but that was not correct. "He had overtaken five people, so something must have gone wrong with the timer. Sébastian's position has been corrected today; he turned out to be tenth. So the overall picture of the team was already very good at that point." It was there that the Rabo-formation laid the groundwork for the victory in the team classification.


Sachsen Tour.
Stage 5, Dresden - Dresden, 157,7 km.

Stephan SchreckGerTMO3:24:49
Erik HoffmannNam3CG0:00
Tom StamsnijderHolGST0:00
René WeissingerGerVBG0:00
Pieter GhyllebertBelJAC0:44
Eric BaumanGerTMO0:44
Kenny de HaesBelJAC0:44
Marcel BarthGerTET0:44
Karsten HessGerTET0:44
Kenny LisabethBelJAC0:44
Pedro HorrilloSpaRAB0:44
Mathew HaymanAusRAB0:44
Joost PosthumaHolRAB0:44
Marc de MaarHolRAB0:44
Koos MoerenhoutHolRAB0:44
William WalkerAusRAB0:44
Sébastian LangeveldHolRAB0:44
Thorwald VenebergHolRAB0:44


Final General Classificaion.

Joost PosthumaHolRAB18:28:59
Bobby JulichUSACSC0:29
Michael SchärSwiAST0:31
Björn SchröderGerMRM0:45
Nicki SörensenDanCSC1:17
René WeissingerGerVBG1:18
Sebastian SiedlerGerMRM1:46
Serguei YakovlevKazAST2:03
Matti BreschelDanCSC2:03
Mariusz WiteckiPolVBG2:05
Marc de MaarHolRAB2:10
William WalkerAusRAB3:07
Koos MoerenhoutHolRAB27:58
Sébastian LangeveldHolRAB44:54
Pedro HorrilloSpaRAB45:15
Mathew HaymanAusRAB46:36
Thorwald VenebergHolRAB49:48
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