Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the 1950 Ford, from memory

I keep the RSS feed for Emily Chang's PicoCool page in my aggregator. Today she posted about an artist, Elizabeth Perry, who has done 1,000 drawings, one each day since March 31, 2002. Drawing 1000 is here.

Looking at Elizabeth Perry's home page, I noticed that she contributed a drawing to a show now up in a gallery in Alberta: The 1950 Ford Show (officially entitled: "WILL 100 ARTISTS PLEASE DRAW A 1950 FORD FROM MEMORY.")

I've got some interest in '50 Fords and so did a bit of further exploration.

The site explains that the show is a response to a conceptual work by the artist Ed Ruscha of the same name. The curators asked 100 artists to do as Ruscha asks, using a sheet of 8.5"x11" office paper.

A staff member at the gallery, using the Flickr name pinkmoose. Has posted some shots of preparations for the installation:

{click image to see full size; source: pinkmoose flickr pages}

Here's a contribution from one of the artists:

He says: "I’ve got a piece in an upcoming Rushca tribute show. The theme of the show is drawn from his conceptual piece Will 100 artists Draw A 1950 Ford From Memory. Essentially, the curator went out and found 100 artists to draw a Ford from memory. It didn’t have to be taken literally; I featured the interior in the drawing I came up with. Pretty happy with it, overall!"

This is Elizabeth Perry's '50 Ford picture (click image to view full size):
She says: "The text running up the side of the picture reads, 1950: Ford truck on the horizon nine years before I was born."

Here's a photo of the car itself:

More views here (my source. This is a customized model, like one owned by a high-school friend.

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