Monday, December 17, 2007

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I keep eHub in my Bloglines feed list. It's a fast way to keep up with what's new and good. As the site says, it's "a constantly updated resource of web applications, services and sites with a focus on next generation web (web 2.0) and social software." Mostly, the blog just gives you a link to a new app with a short description. Sometimes, however, they do some nice features. This is one - Emily Chang - eHub: Traveling Internet Style.

Here's the lead:

Written by Kim Lau and posted in eHub Features

Travel is a necessary fact of life. We travel to visit far-away families and friends, or we travel for business. Most people, if you ask them, will say “We love to travel”, but if you press further, they will admit that it’s not exactly the act of traveling they love, but the end result - being away from home or escaping the stresses of their personal or professional lives. The romance of travel is often obscured by the stresses of hunting down the cheapest airfares, researching hotels, and looking for the best experiences while avoiding the tourist traps.

The web does offer many solutions, but it does take a little bit of research in order to make the sites work for you. I’ve broken this article down into a few parts: (1) booking - finding the best/cheapest airfares (2) lodging - finding the best hotels, inns or residences for your travel purposes and (3) experiences - establishing and preserving your itineraries and memories.
This post is another experiment in using three Firefox extensions: Deepest Sender, Copy as Plain Text, and Copy as HTML Link.

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