Saturday, January 26, 2008

1942 again

A short time ago I noted that the Library of Congress has posted photos to a flickr page and I reproduced some photos from that collection from my birth year, 1942. The LC initiative has become very popular, eliciting this statement from an archivist at the National Museum of Health and Medicine:
The National Museum of Health and Medicine has been uploading pictures to Flickr since September 2006. We've transcribed, of course, all information that we have for each picture, but have also been posting some for which we have relatively little information, such as LC is doing, with the hope that a Flickr user will recognize them and be able to tell us more.We've been uploading the hard way, mostly one picture at a time, choosing from among the several hundred thousand we've been digitizing over the last three years. Until that database goes live, this is our way of sharing our favorite photos from our many collections. You can see our photos at:
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That said, here are photos tagged "1942" from the NMHM collections on flickr. As usual, click image to view full size.

Caption: Chinook Kennels for U.S. Army dogs, New Hampshire... S/Sgt. Stanley Kovak, stops with his dog for a short rest. 1942.

Caption: One of the wards at a U.S. Army Station Hospital in Iceland. Nurses, doctors and linen rooms are located in the back. November 25, 1942.

Caption: Army Medical Museum. Main exhibit hall. 1942.

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