Monday, March 01, 2010

daily finds

First thing each morning (after making tea and finishing a few chores), I plant myself at the pc and open a little app called webmon. The app keeps track of changes in a bunch of homepages I follow and I have it show me all the changed pages -- maybe a dozen. Once loaded, I spend maybe an hour moving from tab to tab, checking what's new since last look. Some of what's there is news sites or other sorts of publications, but many are tumblogs, like Soup (my favorite) which is populated by mostly European, mostly geeky, mostly culturally-hip men and (increasingly) women. Here's a smattering of what catches my eye.

1. from Nothing New by charlottinka:

a retro arty photograph

a pretty woman

a cityscape

a photo from a bike fashionista

an audio track
Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls
Me and my girlfriend don't wear no shoes
Her nose is painted pepper sunlight
She loves me, I mean it's serious
As serious can be
— Jane's Addiction

2. From a group blog called Saigonmarket

a poignant old news photo; the caption reads: "Elvis didn’t die he just moved to a better town. Memphis, USA"

a tatoo (DC!)

3. From a Soup blog by ashe

a comic

an item on sexual assault
"A Culture of Indifference": Report on Campus Sexual Assault Reveals Inaction Taken by Schools, Education Department

In December, the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) released a report not only about the fact that 95% of college campus rapes go unreported, but that survivors who do report often get no justice. Today, they have followed up with solid results from a year-long study, revealing that school judicial systems sanction little to no punishment for students responsible for sexual assault, often...

4. From halberd on

a cat

a bike

5. From a Soup blog called Tumble upon johl

a quirky, funny photo

a wolf

6. From the cartoonist, Stuart McMillen

7. From a Soup blog by ivanzero

harbinger of the coming season

a reflection photo

8. And from other miscellaneous sources

an animated gif

a hi-def cat photo

a landscape

a link to a youtube
"This is what happens when you tickle a Koala. "

a travel photo

this is on flickr and is by Xavier Fargas)

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