Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a river three miles wide

The section of the Hudson River below Stony Point is a most scenic region in which to have been raised up. Here are some paintings and photos of this area, the Haverstraw Bay and Tappan Zee. I've shown others in earlier posts. Note the arrows and numbers on the following map. The arrows indicate the point of view of the painter or photographer The numbers are keyed to descriptions that appear below. The map is a detail from a book published in 1907. The sources of paintings and photos are indicated in their captions. As usual, you may click any image to view it full size.

1. Haverstraw Bay from Croton Point

{Hudson River at Croton Point by Julie Hart Beers; source: wikipedia}

2. Haverstraw Bay from Croton River

{Pastoral Scene near the Croton River with Haverstraw Bay in the background by Jesse Talbot; source: hamilton gallery}

3. Haverstraw Bay from Croton Point

{source: webshots}

4. Haverstraw Bay from Croton Point at twilight

{source: flickr}

5. Croton Reservoir with Haverstraw Bay in the distance

{source: flickr}

6. Haverstraw Bay seen from Haverstraw

{source: flickr}

7. Haverstraw Bay from Haverstraw

{"Along the Hudson," by Jasper Francis Cropsey; source:}

8. Haverstraw Bay from Sing Sing

9. Haverstraw Bay from Sparta

{"An Indian Summer's Day On The Hudson Tappan Zee," by Sanford R. Gifford; source: thecityreview}

10. Haverstraw Bay from Sleepy Hollow

{source: flickr}

11. Tappan Zee from Sleepy Hollow

{source: flickr}

12. Haverstraw Bay from Tarrytown

{by Albert Bierstadt; source: wikipedia}

13. Haverstraw Bay from Tarrytown Heights

{View of Hudson River from Tarrytown Heights, by Robert Havell; source: SUNY New Paltz}

14. Mill in Sleepy Hollow on Pocantico River

{Carls Mill on the Pocantico River, Sleepy Hollow, by William Rickarby Miller; source: hamilton gallery}

15. Haverstraw Bay from Tarrytown

{"High Tor in Spring," by Eugene Francis Savage; source: hamilton gallery}

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