Thursday, October 28, 2004

Random Acts of Poetry Week

A while back it was poetry week in Great Britain but you'd hardly know it. I couldn't find one newspaper writeup, only an indirect reference in the Scotsman. Maybe the Brits should take their lead from the Canadians:

From the Globe and Mail:

Canada's week to wax poetic Look out for poets on the loose likely to burst into verse, ALEXANDRA GILL warns

Monday, October 25, 2004

VANCOUVER -- Don't be alarmed if a stranger stops you in the street today to recite a rhyming stanza for your listening pleasure. It could very well be an imaginative homeless person looking for spare change. More likely, it will be one of 27 Canadian poets who are taking part in Random Acts of Poetry Week, the first cross-country public celebration of poetry.

See also this article in our local weekly newspaper, The Gazette. It describes the poems that adorn benches at trolley stops in nearby Bethesda. (It's not actually a trolley but a bus that calls itself that, but the benches are real and so is the poetry.)

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