Thursday, October 28, 2004

Space, or is that "spaced" Invaders

One of the family's favorite films is "Spaced Invaders". The title of the piece quoted below has nothing to do with the film, Here's an interesting Spaced Invaders fan site, complete with # quotes page, script, dramatis personae, picture gallery, and a trivia section.

Here's the piece from Crooked Timber:

Space invaders
Posted by Henry

More on the troubled relationship between the Republican Party and technology. One of my colleagues complained to me this morning that her AOL Instant Messenger software had been hijacked by political spam. As I’ve seen for myself, every time she moves her cursor over the program, a loud, obnoxious movie-ad pops up, telling her in stentorian tones about the horrible things that John Edwards and the Evil Trial Lawyers are doing to doctors. On further investigation, it turns out that this particular box of delights has been brought to your desktop by the “November Fund,” a pro-Republican 527 created by the US Chamber of Commerce. Apparently, the fund has spent $2 million; according to the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, they’re legally prohibited from buying attack ads on TV or radio, which probably explains why they’re spending money on pop-ups.1 For my part, I sincerely hope that they raise and spend as much money as possible on Internet advertising. If I were a swing voter, I can’t imagine anything more likely to make me vote Democratic than having my desktop invaded by talking, dancing Republican adware.

1 The Internet is exempt from the ban on corporate funded advertising that specifically targets candidates.

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