Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Budget, four years out

I've been trying to get out of the habit of passing along links ("hey, look at this!") on the theory that people come to a blog to hear something from the person writing it, not just observe another instance of a web sighting. We can all peruse the same sources if we wish and it's presumtuous to believe that something's interesting to you just because it's interesing to me. Still, having said all that, I am passing along a reference to a report on the long-term impact of the Bush budget. As this account, from Sabrina on BeSpacific, says, this isn't (yet) public information.
Previously Unreleased Gov Docs on Budget Reveal Cuts
Unpublished Administration Budget Documents Show Domestic Cuts Would Significantly Reduce Funding For Most Public Services: "The budget the Administration has released shows cuts in discretionary programs only for 2006. This analysis uses back-up materials OMB has provided Congress to show the size of the discretionary program cuts by program area over the next five years; the cuts triple by the fifth year."
PDF of full report
View Related Reports on Federal Tax Policies
The chart below comes from the first of the links in Sabrina's post.

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