Friday, September 29, 2006

Wooster Collective

Found on Oishii: The Wooster Collective which, Wikipedia says, is an online street art website that is updated on a regular basis. The site displays and gives links to works by street artists and other ephemeral art to be found in cities around the world. Currently there are quite a few videos among the static photos. Some of the older posts give podcasts with music and interviews featuring street artists. Marc and Sara Schiller run the site. The name comes from a street in the Soho section of New York City, known for its concentration of artists.

The set of posts on giant puppets in London have a link to a wonderful video of a giant girl puppet who gets a morning shower from a giant elephant puppet, dresses and goes off to play in the park.

From context, I think this photo comes from a person named Alexandros in Athens. (There's no attribution.)

This photo shows a giant puppet by a group called Royal de Luxe. It appeared in a street performance last May in London. More info here.

addendum: I'm a home today supposedly catching up on important work and here I am indulging in a recreation instead.

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