Friday, March 13, 2009

Civil War Scouts and Guides, 1864

Brandy Station, Va. Scouts and guides of the Army of the Potomac

This photo comes from collections of the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress. Taken sometime in December 1863-April 1864, it shows the winter quarters at Brandy Station, following upon the Battle of Brandy Station of the previous June. Because the day was obviously a relatively warm one, it seems likely the photo was taken in March or April.

The photo's caption identifies most of the subjects: standing, left to right: James Doughty, James Cammack?, unknown, Henry W. Dodd, unknown, unknown. Seated: John Irving, Lt. Robert Klein, 3d Indiana Cavalry, Dan Cole. On ground: Dan Plue, Lt. Klein's son, W. J. Lee, unknown, ? Wood, Sanford Magee, and John W. Langdon.

Here are some details:

The following photo, showing more scouts and guides along with some of their camp staff members was taken on the same occasion.

Brandy Station, Va. Scouts and guides of the Army of the Potomac
Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, winter quarters at Brandy Station, December 1863-April 1864. Shows a large group of guides and African American man wearing an apron standing with them.

Some details from this photo:


Robert C. Sollars said...

In the Scouts & Guides photos you have John M. Irby (1840-1871) as Lt. John Irving (1st on left seated) John lost part of his left hand; middle finger to little finger and half of his palm from a canister shot at Brandy Station on August 4, 1863.
He is in the 2nd photo as well 2nd from left kneeling in the front row.
It would be nice to see his name corrected. If I can be of further help regarding John, you can contact me at

Glen Pierce said...

Thanks for the clear closeup pic of my 4th generation Henry Wood Dodd who went by "Wood". 1839-1888. His family was from Fairfield, Essex County,NJ. His mom was Sarah Ann Pearce. Wood grew up in Toledo Ohio.

He had a well known brother Colonel Theodore Hale Dodd in Colorado-New Mexico-Arizona.