Monday, April 27, 2009

Joost wins a time trial

Joost Posthuma took fifth place overall and won the time trial of a short one-day Dutch race, the Ronde van Made (Tour of Made). In addition the the time trial, the race consisted of a 50K criterium (urban race) and a scratch race (a race consisting of multiple laps around a short circuit in which lapped riders are -- generally -- eliminated).

The following thumb images are from Joost's web site; click to view the (copyrighted) full size versions.
  Joost at the start of the race
  Joost at the start of the time trial segment
  During the time trial segment
  With Desirée van Deelen, the Rondemiss Profronde Maden, on the podium following the time trial
  At the start of the scratch race
  During the criterium

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