Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leopold Bloom and Old Tom Morris

Famously, today is Bloomsday. I've devoured Ulysses three times, helped along by cribs and guides (Gilbert's is still the best).

{First edition; source: spencer.lib.ku.edu}

{The man; source iicnewyork.esteri.it}

Today is also the birthdate of Old Tom Morris. I recently came across his name in a New Yorker article. The mag I picked up in the giveaway box at the Ellsworth Public Library; the reading I did flying back home from Maine after a really excellent family week in the Blue Hill area. The article appears in the 'Far-Flung Correspondents' section of the April 20 issue; it's The Ghost Course, by David Owen. I recommend to you the article, the library, and the week on the down-east coast of ME.

You can read about Morris in wikipedia and a site called The Life of Tom Morris, along with quite a few other golf-history web pages.

{Old Tom Morris; source: wikipedia}

{Old and Young Tom Morris; source: wikipedia}

{Tom Morris Senior, photographed in the 1890s; source: electricscotland.com}

{Home Hole (St Andrews) in the 'fifties; source: electricscotland.com}

{St. Andrews, Tom driving off "Fore"; source: electricscotland.com}

{Painting by Tom Pinch; source: www.tompinch.com}

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