Thursday, September 03, 2009

now we are five

Today marks the fifth anniversary of this blog. There is little to say about this mundane fact. I don't have much in the way of stats and what I have don't tell much of a story.

The blog gets about 175 visits a day, mostly from folks who've searched something on Google, frequently via Google Image Search. You've been searching for specific breeds of horses (a post I did on Friesians is popular), on high-steel construction workers and the photos of Charles Clyde Ebbets, on celebs such as Jennifer Ehle and Françoise Hardy, and on an odd collection of other stuff, including climate change, the painter Miro, Miyamoto Musashi, and British beauty. Most of these subjects are not things about which I care very much.

The blog is hit for a few posts on subjects in which I'm more interested, such as history and literature (one on Boulangism and James Joyce for example). And a trio of my personal favorites are also fairly popular: a battle, a death, and a football game, The Battle of Spion Kop and Scouser kopites, and Kopite Liverpudlians.

I've written a lot on subjects which don't seem to have much general popularity, such as bikes and bicycling, global economics, and books, poetry, and literature. The blog contains many posts giving extracts from journals of Emerson, Byron, and Lady Shelburne, and they too haven't been much in demand.

That said, I haven't set out to achieve wide appeal and so, as I hinted at the outset, I don't have much to say about this anniversary.

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