Monday, September 05, 2005


PBWiki is a quick and easy personal home page. I've tried it out and like how it works.

My first page came to life in the blink of an eye, a finger-snap of time, the duration of a quick coffee-break from in my workday (although I couldn't resist tinkering with it after I'd done the basics). Take a look; it's called baroudeur -- yet another French bike racing soubriquet.

It's free. You can make more than one page. You can keep your page private or permit others to view it. You can be its only webmaster or you can invite others to add to and alter its contents or make new pages if they wish.

It can be used for book lists, chore lists, reminders, records of visits to the doctor's office or notes on physical fitness. Imagine!

You could also create a collaborative page for planning future events (a holiday!).

It could be used for an academic assignment (easier than that home page on the college web site).

Or just a personal page, fancy free.

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