Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Taking it all in

In one of many articles on yesterday's match in the Ashes series, the Sydney Morning Herald reports what Australia's best player, Warne, said to England's hero, Pietersen, when he shook his hand. Warne ran up to Pietersen when he had finally bowled out after making 158 runs, thus becoming the leading run-scorer of the series. The SMH reporter quotes Pietersen:
"It was a special moment when Warney ran over to me when I walked off the field. He just said to me, 'Make sure you take this moment in, it's a special special moment, you've played a special special innings. Make sure you just savour this moment, take it all in and acknowledge everybody'."

Photo caption: Kevin Pietersen leaves the field after scoring 158 runs on the fifth day of the 5th Test. Photo: AP

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