Friday, February 09, 2007

just look up

sandcastlematt put this photo on flickr. His title: the library of congress: look something up, or just look up

{click image to view full size}

He says: "From the monuments and memorials to its great civic and government buildings, DC is full of amazing architecture, but in my opinion the city has two absolute gems - places where I can get lost standing still. One is the Library of Congress - this is just the foyer! Next time I'm in town I'll try to get a shot of the main reading room - and my other favorite structure, the National Cathedral."

I found this by scanning one of the pipes on the Yahoo pipes beta. O'Reilly describes the service. The pipe on which I found the image is New York Times thru Flickr by Daniel Raffel.

Take a look at this new Yahoo service. It demonstrates the point Wesch makes in The Machine is Us/ing Us, about which I just blogged. Some examples of “pipes” that users have made in the past couple of days:
    • New York Times thru Flickr
    • Aggregated News Alerts
    • Apartment Near Something
    • Picture Near Place
    • European Performance Car News
    • hedge fund news
    • Find Coffee Near You
    • ny times top10 korean translation
    • Le Monde translated into English (via Babelfish)
    • Reading Material (A combination of New Yorker, New York Times Magazine and Vanity Fair feeds. The emphasis is on longer news and politics stories.)
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