Friday, February 09, 2007

research behind the news

This is another cross-post from my work blog. Today's Bloglines feeds have some unusually interesting stuff in them. My blog entry:
I got this from Paul R. Pival's blog, The Distant Librarian. What a great idea! I'm constantly searching the internet for papers that are sources of or that are mentioned in news articles.
Research behind the news

The Auraria Library (CU Denver) Research Behind the News weblog was mentioned the other day on Web4Lib; what a great idea!  I usually read the paper during breakfast and at least once a week read the AP sanitized version of some breaking research and wonder about the full paper.  In fact that's where I originally learned about the Google Scholar vs Library Database research mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

So what the folks at CU Denver are doing is posting a snippet from the news wires, and then "Read the article behind this story in...." with a link to their proxied access to the original research.  Great way to tie in the library's content to the Real World. This also reminds me of the feature I've heard about in one of the medical databases that posts links to whatever was discussed on "ER" the previous evening...

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