Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mozart : young-old

Here's an item from the Discovery Channel site about discovery of this portrait, showing Mozart the year before he died.
New Mozart Portrait Shows Worn Prodigy
By Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News

Jan. 12, 2005 — At the age of 34, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a chubby, greying man with heavy bags under tired eyes, according to a painting which has been authenticated this week by German art experts.

Painted by the German artist Johann Georg Edlinger in 1790, a year before Mozart's death in Vienna, the picture lay anonymously in the warehouse of Berlin's Gemäldegalerie until Wolfgang Seiller, an authority on the composer, spotted strong similarities between the person in the painting and Mozart.

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Anonymous said...

Mozart was not greying. It was fashionable during that era to powder your hair. But I have to say that the bags under his eyes are not just shadow! Mozart would stay up at all hours of the night on operas and other works. Poor man!