Sunday, January 02, 2005

tsunami photos - Swedish vacationers survive

There are three shots of the first tsunami approaching the beach in Thailand. You can see them at this site. They show swimmers running away from the onrushing waves, with one exception: a woman is seen dashing out to sea. She's trying to alert her sons who have not seen the approaching wave. On the web site of a Swedish newspaper there are three copies of the photos marked to show her progress. The marked photos on on this site. It's in Swedish. click on "Bild-Special: Herregud . . . ," and forward through the three photos in the pop-up.

Later news accounts say that the woman and her sons survived. Here's one account which says, "All were caught in the tsunami and tossed around underwater. But one by one they managed to get to their feet and make it to higher ground. An hour after the first wave hit, the family members, including Ms Svaerd's husband and sister, who were sunbathing on the beach, had managed to locate each other."

Here is the third of the three marked photos:

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