Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tim Bray's Pictures of Nothing

Tim Bray has a good year-end post. Give it a look. He's a programmer with a strong interest in photography and a lot of other things (music, politics,...) The photos that accompany this post of his are particularly interesting.

Here are a couple of his predictions for 2004:

• China Will Be Interesting It’s so big that anything happening has import and impact. But its economy is starting to be central to everything, and its political structure is increasingly unsustainable. Here’s my one specific prediction: the biggest news story of 2005 will be out of China.

• Dubya Will Have a Bad Year There are just too many big problems, on the fiscal and foreign-policy fronts. The current administration’s main virtue—ruthlessly staying on-message—isn’t going to be enough to do the job.

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GobberGo said...

Hehe. If these are "his predictions for 2004" then I'd say he's got quite a backlog!