Friday, November 04, 2005

Bike commute map

I'm fond of my commute -- homey suburb; the ups and downs of back roads through the park, Adams-Morgan's heterogeneity, the old black neighborhoods around Howard U, acres of lawyers at the foot of the HILL, and that mound itself in all its unbelievability.

Here's a map showing the whole nine miles of it. The blue segment - right through the park -- lacks street lamps and isn't suitable for travel when it's dark. (I could ride it in the dark, but more slowly than I wish to, even with my little bright beam up front.) So I take the blue route in the afternoons and on those precious few mornings when the sun and I arise together.

Click the map for larger view.


1 comment:

GobberGo said...

Looks like a lovely ride. But, what exactly is the point of making sure your address isn't in any online phone books if you're going to publish a map that says, "here's where I live and work and how to get there!"?? Granted, it's not the most detailed map, but I thought you worried about these privacy things.