Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cassette Jam '05

I try to avoid just pointing at sites that take my fancy, but sometimes cannot resist the urge. Take for example this one -- nothing but images of audio tape cassettes (with a few other types thrown in). I hope you find this as aesthetically pleasing and, to be sure, reassuring, as I do.

Here is a link to the page of cassette images:
Cassette Jam '05
※Project C-90

Here are some samples from the page:


Anonymous said...

just wonderful

GobberGo said...

Wow, those are neat! CDs really don't compare aesthetically speaking. CDs definitely don't have this kind of character, nor do I think they are capable of achieving it. I often find myself falling into the mindset that "newer is always better" when it comes to technology, but it's good to remember that there's always an element of loss when an old form of technology is superceded. I prefer the look of older TVs, with their fake wood and knobs, to the sleek aero-dynamic look of newer TVs as well. They last longer too.

On a related note: Long Live Sega Genesis!